International Artfestival ”#SENI BANDUNG” in Bandung West Jawa Indonesia, first week of October 2017.

We were invited to perform our performance TWO ON A STRAW, combined with rootfruitworkshops.

A lot of kids! 400/performance!

A lot of hedgehogs to bring to the classroom! The children will create their own stories and perform for their classmates.

Welcomedance just for us!


Nice traditional sweets serwed the principals of the schools.

Big interest from the press!

A lot of teachers joined our Slideshows about the ecological- cultural values of our Theatregarden Pegasus Garden.

Big interest and many questions among the teachers on how to use natural materials in creative works in their schools.

The party is over!

Responsable for the Theatrepart of this big Artfestival was Asep Budiman from the group Behind The Actors. A theatergroup connected to the Artfaculty of University of Bandung. Behind The Actors will perform at our International Puppetfestival Pegasus Family july 2018. During Seni Bandung we had a row of meetings with Behind The Actors about adapting their new performance to the conditions of Pegasus Family.

The performance Sky Safir is a modern interactive Lion-king-story. Almost wordless. At Pegasus Family july 2018 you´ll hear songs in Swedish!